Sold To : DE
Year : 1990
Mileage : 34166
Engine : 4Cyl Diesel, 2.5L
Transmission : Manual
Exterior : Green
Interior : Tan
Body Style : SUV
Vin : TW4B11T8Y00845697
Details :

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  1990 UMM ALTER II 4X4 ... 34,166 Original Kilometers

Vin  : TW4B11T8Y00845697
Engine  : 4 Cyl Diesel, 2.5L
Transmission  : Manual
Exterior  :  Green
Interior  :  Tan
Body Style  :  SUV

This Diesel Portuguese Off-Roader comes to our lot in New jersey from Europe, it has 5 Speed Manual Transmission, 4 Wheel Drive, Power Brakes, and Fog lights. The paint looks original with absolutely no rust anywhere on the car. Full service was performed on this beauty. Fluid along with filters have been replaced. Parts are widely available in the U.S.A. This vehicle comes with a clean NJ title.

What would you call a car designed in France out of parts from a Jeep, then built in Portugal by a company which previously ceased to exist?...
So... What Exactly is an UMM Alter?

The story of the UMM started out with a French company called Cournil. Founded by Bernard Cournil early in the twentieth century, the company initially made its business altering American Jeeps in post-WWII France. The military left many Jeeps behind, and Cournil modified them for agricultural usage.
Cournil’s lot improved in the late forties, via a stroke of luck. Struggling French luxury car manufacturer Hotchkiss started building licensed Jeeps in France, and Cournil became a regional distributor for the utility vehicles. After a few years, he inked a deal with Willys Jeep and began his own manufacture.
What started out as a shoestring assembly lead to improvements, as it seemed Cournil was a tinkerer. As he listened to customer concerns over the Jeeps he produced, he made edits. A revised transmission here, a different engine there. Eventually Cournil determined the Jeep chassis was not suitable for the agricultural work of his customers, and dumped it.
His creation was first known locally as the Tracteur Cournil, and was used in mining and agricultural applications.
Founded in 1975, União Metalo-Mecânica (UMM) built four-wheel drive vehicles exclusively. The UMM 4x4 launched in 1977 came from a prototype from the French engineering firm Cournil, called optimistically the Cournil Entrepreneur. União Metalo-Mecânica acquired the rights to build it and refined the design over the years.
In 1986, UMM launched the Alter II, featuring a new Peugeot 4-speed manual gearbox, a new UMM transfer case and a new suspension in a 100 inch wheelbase, leaf-sprung package. The 75hp engine was carried over from the original Alter model.
UMM hit its stride in the 1989 Paris-Dakar rally, finishing the grueling race with all of the cars it started out with. UMMs became ubiquitous military vehicles in Spain, Portugal, Cape Verde and the Republic of Congo. UMM sold the Alter II version privately until 1994, and then continued selling to military and utility services until 1996.
Shortly afterward, UMM intended to introduce a new model called the Alter 2000, but had no funds to invest in its development. Today UMM exists as a metalwork company.
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