Sold To : NY
Year : 1977
Mileage : 35926
Engine : 8 Cyl, 5.7L
Transmission : Automatic
Exterior : Black
Interior : Red
Vin : 65S9R7Q696219
Details :

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 1977 CADILLAC MILAN CONVERTIBLE ... 35,926 Miles On Odometer

Vin  : 65S9R7Q696219
Engine  : 8 Cyl, 5.7L
Transmission  : Auto
Exterior  :  Black
Interior  :  Red
Body Style  :  Convertible


Milan Coach Builders, Inc. Milans were built for Cadillac and specialty car dealers using new Sevilles and for owners who shipped their Sevilles to California for conversion into Milans.  The cost of these conversions was $15,000 and production at their Simi Valley production line began in 1976. These cars have either the optional Milan installed fiberglass hood and stainless steel RR type grille or the standard Seville factory hood and grille.  Included with the optional hood and grille was a glass insert on the door frame next to the outside mirrors; conversions without this hood had painted metal inserts. 

As late as August, 1983, Milan offered to do these California conversions for $4,995 (some $10,000 less than their first 300 conversions) plus $75 for pin striping and $300-$750 to repaint the car.  It took about 4 to 6 weeks for them to complete the conversion.

Milan had NO affiliation with the Cadillac Division of General Motors.  General Motors did NOT send Milan any Sevilles to convert.  Cars were ordered from or provided by Cadillac dealers or provided by customers who already owned a 76-79 4-door Seville.  Late 1979 Simi Valley conversions had 500 pounds of poured concrete placed under the fiberglass insert in a channel between the seats and rear wheel well (where the rear doors would have been) to improve weight distribution and handling. 

Milan Convertible Co sold a kit for $1495 so owners could convert their 76-79 Sevilles into Milans using local craftsmen. These cars never have the "Milan" fender emblems; instead they have the standard Seville emblems on the fenders and the standard GM "Fisher Body" emblems on the door sills.  These kit cars may or may not have the optional fiberglass insert behind the front seats.

Best guess is that Milan built about 509 Roadster Convertibles at their facility in Simi Valley.  Unknown is how many conversion kits were sold by the Milan Convertible Co after production ceased in Simi Valley or how many conversions were completed in New York and Mexico.

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